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Law Enforcement Badges

At IDCreator.com, we can print any ID badge that you design. Restrictions apply to all trademarked images, including municipal emblems. By simply forwarding approval to sales@idcreator.com we can review your design and verify your permission to print specific logos.

Why would I use IDCreator to print badges?

Under most circumstances, it is unnecessary to purchase the expensive printing equipment necessary to print ID badges locally at your station. IDCreator.com not only allows you to use our free software to design your badges, but also offers professional printing for a low rate.

What features are available on IDCreator?

IDCreator offers easy-to-use security features such as bar codes, encoded magnetic stripes, and QR codes.

With the proper use of these additional features, the security of your identification will make any attempt at forgeries nearly impossible. They also allow the implementation of various extra ID capabilities, such as scannable check-ins


Any attempts to produce fraudulent identification badges will not be printed. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to review our policies.

You currently have no designs to display here. If you have already created designs in the ID creator, please view our guide: Exporting Help.

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