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Clear ID Overlay ID Card with UV Eagle

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Transparent overlays enhance the security of the ID card. Since they are applied over the ID card, they help to prevent alterations made to the ID card. They also help prevent against copying and duplicating the card.  Lastly, they extend the life of the card by protecting against wear and abrasions. 

Ultra-Violet Black Light Ink

This overlay includes the shape of an eagle centered on the card, completely invisible to the naked eye. This eagle is only visible under an ultra-violet black light. When viewed underneath the black light, the eagle glows a bright green/yellow. Any security personnel can check for the black light ink and verify authenticity. Since this security-device is hidden, it often is overlooked by would-be document forgers providing you with an added layer of authentication. In heightened security environments we highly-recommend including this feature for your ID cards and security documents.

Additional Features:

Full Coverage: We manufacture all of our overlays to measure a full 52mm X 84mm to fit all PVC ID cards as well as our butterfly pouches perfectly.  All of our ID overlays measure 52mm X 84 mm and are slightly larger than other ID card overlays sold on the market which are CR 79 sized (83mm X 51 mm).  This gives you more full coverage of the surface of the ID card, while still giving the necessary room to position the overlay on the surface. 

Thinner is Better: This overlay is only 1.5 mil (0.0015") thick, compared to the old 5 mil (0.005") thick version of this Shield and Key hologram.   Our overlays are made of a durable, ultra-clear polyester film which allow them to be strong, while only needing to be 1.5 mil thick.  This means they go on smoother and aren't as noticeable.

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