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Full Spectrum Hologram | Flying Lines

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This full-spectrum hologram literally changes its image with each different angle that it is viewed at. This hologram has a security feature called "micro-printing". The words 'original' and 'authentic' are repeated throughout the card. The printing is so small, that it looks like thousands of little lines are criss-crossing all over the hologram. The hologram is clear and the information on the ID card content is visible at all angles. The holograms are 2.05” c 3.3” and fit all of our printed PVC cards and butterfly pouches perfectly. Each hologram is peel and stick and is to be applied manually. Holograms are ideal for enhancing the security of your card and increase the durability of the card surface. The picture shown is an artist interpretation of the hologram showing only the "flat" content on the hologram. The hologram plays with light beautifully and is a fantastic security measure for your IDs.

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