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Official Seal Hologram | Seal of Authenticity

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The design has 8 patterned "seals". Each of these seals has the words "Seal of Authenticity" at the top of them, and the word "OFFICIAL" at the bottom. The large emblem that makes up the seal is a classic fleur-de-lis. The fleur-de-lis is an historic emblem which represents power and authority.

The hologram appears in a full-spectrum format, which varies the full color-spectrum as the light hits and reflects on the overlay. It ensures that all seven colors are prominently displayed, which are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. This technique is superior to a standard bi-defraction technique because these are only able to reflect back two colors of the spectrum (typically blue and red, or green and yellow).

Variable spectrographic regions:
Within each seal are a set of variable spectrographic regions which change shape as the light reflects over them. In these regions, it appears as if waves are dancing and interacting with one-another.

Additional Features

Self-destructing: The holograms use a tamper-evident underlay which self-destructs if the hologram is removed or if an attempt is made to alter the content underneath the hologram.

Thinner is Better: This hologram is only 2 mil (0.002") thick, compared to the 5 mil (0.005") thick Shield and Key hologram. This means it goes on smoother and is much less noticeable.

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