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Full Sheet of Artisyn Paper | 10 Mil | Laser and Inkjet Printing

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How Artisyn® compares to Teslin®:

Artisyn® is a unique silica printing substrate similar but superior to its competitor, Teslin®. Like Teslin®, Artisyn® absorbs ink into its resin-filled microporous surface and whatever is printed onto it becomes immediately indelible. It is water proof, tear and crinkle resistant, and has a brighter and sharper print quality than normal paper. Artisyn® also works well on both laser and inkjet printers, allowing you to use the desktop inkjet printer you already have at your home or in your office. Lastly, Artisyn® has a sharper and more vivid print quality than Teslin®.

By using Artisyn® paper, any desktop printer, a laminator, and our butterfly pouches, one can create an seamless ID card nearly identical to normal PVC cards. It is a secure, tamper proof, and cost effective method to produce professional ID cards

The uses for Artisyn® are endless. It can be used for real estate fliers, photo printing, maps, and other premium, highly-secure, and waterproof applications.

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