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The Number of Electronic Voters Tripled

30,243 people cast their votes electronically, amounting to 5.5% of the total electorate who participated in the elections.


The Reform Party won the electronic elections with 34.5 per cent. The Reform Party was followed by the Union of Pro Patria and Res Publica with 26.7 and the Social Democratic Party with 13.3 per cent. The Green Party collected 10.7, the Central Party 9.1 and the People’s Union 3.6 per cent of the votes cast electronically. The Christian Democrats received 1.1, the Constitution Party 0.4, the Independence Party 0.3, and the Left Party, the Russian Party in Estonia and the single candidates 0.1 per cent of electronic votes.


According to a representative of the Electoral Committee of the Republic, the number of voters who cast their votes electronically was originally greater, but 32 persons decided to vote again later and their electronic votes were therefore cancelled.


Less than 10,000 persons participated in the previous electronic elections for the local governments.