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Employee Badges


Do your employees have ID Cards?

When was the last time that you upgraded them to an efficient and effective system that can save you time and money while offering your employees and customers a safe exchange?

Upgrading employee ID cards can now be done online here at IDCreator.com, or in your office using your own printer.

The Efficiency of Modern Employee ID Cards

Do you know why major corporations around the world use ID cards with a combination of photos, QR codes and magnetic strips? With this exercise these organization can let computers and interoffice networking sites, closed pages on their own computers, do more of the work involved in employee scheduling, absences and payroll.

Do you have a Small business?


– even Mom-and-Pop businesses with less than 10-employees – can use modern ID cards to save them money.

Limit Acess to the Right Employees!

By adding a magnetic scan at the back of the card, you can prevent employees from entering departments that they have no business wandering around in.

Make Clock-in Payroll Easy!

Getting accurate payroll information to the accountant – A magnetic strip inserted into each employee’s card that records clock in/out times and is sent to the accountant automatically at the end of the pay period saves you from having to monitor your employees– that’s time and dollars in your pocket

Convenient way to add Scheduling!

Add a QR code to the back of each employee’s ID card that opens online to the schedule page for each department. Then, your workers can check their schedules in the middle of the night if they want to.

Perfect for New Employees!

Supervisors don’t know new workers by face or name - Using a photo on one side of the card insures that new employees are easily recognized by other departments as being authorized to be in sensitive areas – like stockrooms or accounting offices. Employee ID Cards to Protect and Safeguard

If you run a business where your employees must go to other businesses or individual homes--such as repairmen, delivery services, home healthcare workers, or self-employed independent contractors-- providing them with an employee ID card with a QR code that opens to an interactive page where they can take a picture of the location to verify that he/she is at the site, clock in/out and enter any notes about the visit is a must.

If an employee has an emergency at home, you know where he/she was last; it will be easy to trace and locate him/her.

Your customers need to know that they are cared for as well. Placing a QR code on the front of the card next to your worker’s photo allows a customer to go to your business site and verify the persons identify, with a click of a mouse.

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