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Firefighters are often legally required to have Firefighter ID Cards. With IDCreator, spend a fraction of the time and money printing them yourself and get professional and durable Firefighter ID Cards for your Department.

We require an official authorization letter or a verifiable email to produce Fire Department ID Badges. Email [email protected] for authorization or questions.

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Making Firefighter ID Cards has never been easier!

Instead of spending countless hours and thousands of dollars on equipment and supplies to print Firefighter ID Cards on your own, IDCreator makes it simple and affordable to design, manage and order your ID Cards in our Badge Maker without having to print the ID Cards yourself. Here’s how it works:

Open Badge Maker

1. Design

Start with a free professional template or start from scratch to make a custom ID card for you or your organization.

2. Customize

Add identification details, photos, accessories, and security functionalities to your ID template individually or in bulk when making multiple ID cards.

3. Shipped

Order your ID card before 3pm MST M-F, and we’ll professionally print and ship your custom PVC ID card the same day!

What is included in Firefighter ID Cards

Whether you are making a single Volunteer Firefighter ID Card or ID Cards for the entire Department, we want your ID cards to meet and exceed professional standards.

Firefighter Id Card Template

Standardized Template

Your Department Template should have a consistent theme and layout and include the Department name, number, and emblem in the design.


Cardholder Details

Each ID card should have the name, role, rank, badge number, certifications, and a photo of the cardholder. It’s important for the role to be highly visible, especially when creating Volunteer Firefighter ID Cards.


Double Sided ID Cards

The back of a firefighter ID card is a great place and commonly used to add descriptive features of the cardholder, Department contact information and medical information of the cardholder.


Card Display

Vertical or Horizontal? Will you need a Badge Holder or a slot punched ID Card? Badge Reels or Lanyards? These questions are often overlooked but important to think through before designing your ID Template.



Using Magnetic Stripes, Barcodes or QR Codes on the ID cards provides new potential uses of technology you may already be using. You can use any of these capabilities to control access to the station, 2-factor authentication, time clocks and much more.


Badge Design

Incorporate Unique Designs and features such as adding a signature of the Fire Chief into the ID Design to make the ID Cards harder to falsify.

You Don't Have to Print ID Cards Yourself!

Make PVC ID cards from anywhere with IDCreator and spend your time, money, and resources on the Fire Department.

Start with a Template

Save Money

The average Fire Department in the US has about 45 personnel according to the USFA. Any organization with 100 or less personnel will spend about $5,000 on an ID Printer, Software and Supplies over a 3-year period to have an in-house printing ID Program. With IDCreator, you get the same amount of ID cards and higher quality printing for less than half that amount!

Save Time

You shouldn’t have to manage an ID printing shop to provide quality ID cards for your department. Instead of spending countless hours learning how to use the expensive equipment and software you just paid a lot for and then training your staff on how to use it, IDCreator makes creating ID Cards so simple there’s nothing to train! Just Design, Add and Order your ID cards when you need them!

Save Resources

With printing ID cards in-house, the work is nowhere near complete once you’ve set everything up and learned how to use it all. ID Card Printers are just like your printer at home or in your office, the ink and supplies are expensive, and they never seem to work when you need them to. We operate and maintain industry-leading printers, so you don’t have to.

Badge Maker: Cloud-Based ID Design Software

Cloud based ID Badge Design Software to provide the customization you want and the simplicity you need.

Free Software

Create as many design templates as you want or choose from one of our hundreds of pre-designed Templates, all free! We only charge when you're ready to have your cards printed and shipped.

Easy to Use

All the ID Card Design tools you'll need to create the perfect ID Card for your Organization in a simple and easy to use Platform.

Manage Members

Easily import member information into folders to produce their ID Card and quickly fulfill replacements when needed.

Smart Text & Variable Images

Let the Badge Maker do the work for you by telling it where to add names and photos.

Cloud-Based Technology

No Downloads needed, just login and design! Compatible API for integration capabilities.

Consistent Output

Use one template for all ID Cards so there are no errors when creating multiple ID cards at once.

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