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Protect yourself and loved ones with a Medical ID Card

We hope you’ll never need to use a Medical ID card, but in an emergency situation, you’ll be comforted knowing that it's there. IDCreator makes it easy and affordable to create your own Medical ID Card.

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Help First Responders Help You and Your Loved Ones!

Accessible and Relevant Medical Information

In case of an emergency, a Medical ID card will provide first responders with the important information they need to make the best decisions for your wellbeing.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

If you or your loved one has a pre-existing condition or potentially fatal allergy, knowing that your Medical ID provides the information needed to be properly diagnosed and treated, provides relief and peace of mind that you will be taken care of in an emergency.

Emergency Contacts

Provide emergency contact information so that your loved ones will know what is happening with you right away.

Medical Identification Card Templates

What should be included in a Medical ID Card?

We’ve compiled a list of best practices and common contents of Medical Identification Cards from Healthcare experts and our clients.

Medical Id Badge

Photo ID

It is recommended that you include a photo of the cardholder and that the photo should be a headshot like the photo on a driver’s license. It doesn’t not have to be a formal photo, especially with kids, so you can have some fun with the photo as long as the photo still provides its main purpose.


Front of ID Card

The Front side of a Medical ID Card should contain the most critical medical information. "Medical Information" or "Medical ID" with a medical emblem should be big and very visible. The rest of the front should include the cardholder’s name, photo, pre-existing conditions, allergies, blood type and any other information you deem important.


Back of ID Card

The Backside of a Medical ID card offers a space to provide more information or instruction that may be helpful. For Medical ID cards, you can include your insurance info, address, emergency contacts, primary doctors’ information and medications used.



Within the Badge Maker, you can create a QR code for free to add on your ID Card that when scanned with any smartphone, can pull up any information you need. Use the VCard QR Code type in the Badge Maker to automatically add contact information to the person's phone scanning the code.



There are no specific requirements for the overall design of a Medical ID Card. We only recommend that the overall design does not impede the ID card's visibility of the important information and there is a Medical emblem for quick identification.


Carrying the ID

For Medical emergency ID Cards, first responders are required to assess the situation and will look for any medical emblems in your possession so make sure that is included in your design. The priority is to make sure the ID card is accessible in case of an emergency, so be mindful of that when you think about where it should be held.

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