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Are you an independent or freelance Journalist, Photographer or Videographer? Does your affiliate Media outlet not provide Press ID Cards? Didn’t know you could make one yourself? There are many reasons why you may not have a Press Badge already, but you can make one in 3 simple steps.

Get Started!

1. Design

Start with a free professional template or start from scratch to make a custom ID card for you or your organization.

2. Customize

Add identification details, photos, accessories, and security functionalities to your ID template individually or in bulk when making multiple ID cards.

3. Shipped

Order your ID card before 3pm MST M-F, and we’ll professionally print and ship your custom PVC ID card the same day!

What do I include in my Press ID Card?

The purpose of a Press or Media ID Card is to provide quick identification of yourself and intentions. Here is what needs to be included on your badge:

Press Card Media Photographer Id Badge Template

Media Outlet

The Media outlet you are representing must be visible. Include contact information for the outlet to verify your representation.



Include a personal headshot for quick identification. Use a professional photograph if possible.


Identifying Information

Include all relevant personal information that will help identify yourself including Name, Role (Photographer, Journalist, etc.), ID #, or any other details.



The purpose of your Press Badge should be very visible on your ID card. When a gatekeeper sees you walking up, they should know you're a member of the press before your close enough to speak with them.


Current Press Pass

Some institutions and organizations will require that your Press Badge is current and valid. They'll require a Press Pass issued for a specific calendar year and expires in the next. Include an issued and expiration date to make sure you're not stopped at the door.


QR Code

Create a unique QR code that can be scanned to pull up your contact information, portfolio, website, or all of these. The Badge Maker allows you to create unique QR Codes to add to your Press Pass.

Benefits of a Press Pass

Always Carry your Press Pass

It’s always best to carry your own Press Badge to make sure you can get access to a story when you need to.

Backup plan

You received approval from the event planners to cover the event, but they mixed up your application and don’t have a Press Pass for you at the door. You have your Press Badge, so they still allow you access if you’re displaying yours.

Access and Benefits

The main purpose of a Media ID Card is to get access to the places and people you need to make your story. There are also lesser-known benefits such as special offers by various service providers for discounted rates on rental cars, mobile and internet providers.

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