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Create a Durable Service Dog ID Card for Everyday Convenience.

Service Dog ID Cards are not required by the ADA, but they make life with a Service Dog much more convenient. Make a custom Service Dog ID tag with IDCreator in just three simple steps!

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What to Know about Service Dog ID Cards

Are you required by the ADA or your local government to register your dog as a service dog?

No! The ADA does not allow any local government to require you to register your dog as a service dog. You may need to register, vaccinate and license your dog, depending on your local requirements, but you do NOT need to register your dog as a service animal.

What is a service animal?

The ADA defines a service dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability and that task or work performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability. A Support dog or animal is an animal that provides support but does not perform tasks to help with a disability and is not protected under the ADA but may be protected in your local area.

Are Service Dog vests, harnesses or ID Cards Required?

No! Service Dogs are not required under the ADA to wear any identifying vests, harnesses or ID Cards. These identifying accessories for Service Dogs are commonly used to help the employees or workers of the establishment identify the dogs’ purpose. For more information, check out the ADA guide HERE.

Service Dog Id Badge Template Maker
Service Dog Id Card Ada Compliant Template

What to Include in a Handler & Service Dog ID Card

Dog & Handler Information

Both the Service Dog and handler ID should include the name of the Service Dog and the handler. It is also recommended that you add the handler address and contact information. If you have registered in a Service Dog database and have a registration number or any certification material or numbers, it’s helpful to add that to the ID card even though it is not required by the ADA.

ID Card Purpose Visibility

Make the purpose of the ID Card highly visible in the design. It should be very clear and easy to read that the ID card is for a Service Dog.

State your Protected Rights

It is recommended to state you and your Service Dogs protected rights on the front of the ID card as well as a full explanation of your rights on the back of the ID Card.

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