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Employee Badges

What are Employee Badges?

Companies large and small around the world use employee ID badges in order to quickly and securely identify their workers. Employees wear their badges around their neck on a lanyard or clipped to their clothing with a badge reel or suspender clip. This makes it easy for security guards and other employees to recognize them.

By integrating company id badges with magnetic stripes or RFID chips, companies can make sure that the wrong person does not enter any restricted parts of a building. In an ever dangerous society, this is essential to the security of the business and its employees.

Employee ID Cards are also very useful for customers to identify the person they are talking to. Plumbers, electricians, and other service industries use these cards to reassure their customers that they are indeed who they say they are. Most companies will also add their logo to the cards to make them as unique as possible.


ID card printers are very expensive machines and can cost thousands of dollars. On top of that, the type of software needed to design these cards can be very confusing to use and take a lot of time to master. This is why companies are now using instead of issuing their cards in house. With managers can order cards as a per need basis as there are no set up fees or minimum order quantities. With an average turnaround time of only a few hours, the cards arrive ready to use very quickly.


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