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Creating a Child ID Card is so easy…

Make it into a fun arts and crafts project with your kids! Turn a safety precaution into a fun activity that they’ll be excited and proud to show off. With IDCreator, simply design your ID Template, add the personal information, and order your cards to be shipped to you!

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1. Design

Start with a free professional template or start from scratch to make a custom ID card for you or your organization.

2. Customize

Add identification details, photos, accessories, and security functionalities to your ID template individually or in bulk when making multiple ID cards.

3. Shipped

Order your ID card before 3pm MST M-F, and we’ll professionally print and ship your custom PVC ID card the same day!

What should be included in a Child ID Card?

Here are some tips and best practices from our customers who have made Child ID cards for their kids.

Kid Id Card Template

Photo ID Card

It is recommended that you include a photo of the cardholder and that the photo should be a headshot like the photo on a driver’s license. It doesn’t have to be a formal photo, especially with kid ID cards, so you can have some fun with the photo if the photo still provides its main purpose.


Front Side - Important Information

The Front side of an ID Card should have the most important identifying information. It’s best to include their name, photo, emergency contact info, Date of birth or age, any medical information if needed, general identification contents (height, weight, etc.) and ID Card Issued date for proper assumptions of changes.


Backside of ID Card

The Backside of Child ID card can offer a space to provide more information or instruction that may be helpful. We’ve seen instructions added to the back such as, “Before 5pm Call Mom, after 5pm Call Dad” with contact information included.


Add Scannable QR Code

With IDCreator, you can create a QR code for free to add on your ID Card that when scanned with any smartphone, can pull up any information you need. Use the VCard QR Code type in the Badge Maker to automatically add your contact information to the person's phone scanning the code.


Overall Design

There are no specific requirements of how the ID cards need to look and you are free to design it however you or your kid wants! We only recommend that the overall design does not impede the ID card's visibility of the important information and the purpose of the card is clear.


Where should your child hold the ID Card?

Most children don’t carry wallets, let alone keep something in their pockets for more than a few minutes. The priority is to make sure the ID card is accessible in case of an emergency, so be mindful of that when you think about where it should be held, but they’re often placed in a backpack or attached to a bag like a luggage tag.

Great for day-to-day, Best for Emergencies

Medical Information for Emergency Situations

Sending your child off to summer camp or a new place is always stressful, even more so if they have allergies or pre-existing medical conditions. A Child ID card can provide the resources needed to mitigate or resolve any emergency situations that hopefully never happen.

Contact Information

Provide your kids and whoever's watching them with the contact information they may need when you’re away. The kids will feel comfortable knowing they can always reach you and you will feel the same.

Fun Keepsake

If the card doesn’t get lost, it’s a great keepsake to pull out when they’re older with a government issued ID to remember them at that young age.

Child Medical Information Identification Card Template Design
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