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Physician ID Cards

Physicians often need special ID cards to prove they are indeed who they say they are in order to have access to some rooms or building if they work in hospitals, etc. If the last example is the reason you’re seeking a physician ID card, you can use our IDCreator online tool to add a magnetic stripe to your Physician ID Badge. Physicians usually buy medical items or prescriptions for their daily work, and they may have to prove they are medical professional with some credentials like a Physician ID Card to get some discounts available for professionals, or to get restricted items.

Don’t forget as well that an ID Lanyard can perfectly hold those Physician ID Cards. It makes it easy for a Physician to wear his or her professional ID card and it prevents him or her from losing it!

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Interested in Designing an ID Card from Scratch?

If you don't find a template that works for you, you always have the option to start from a blank canvas and build your design from the bottom up. Alternatively, if you are experienced with Photoshop, Gimp, or any other graphic designing program, you can simply upload your own design onto a new blank ID Card. Adding photos of yourself or text is also extremely easy to do with our Badge Maker, so check it out and experience how simple it is for yourself!

Need an ID Badge for Multiple People?

In the badge maker you can still change as much or as little for those designs. Creating an account to save your ID card template only takes a minute! After you save your ID template, press the "add identity" button for a quick creation. Just enter the information specific to each user. This makes creating ID Badges for your whole company a piece of cake! For bulk creation ask us about our Upload with excel feature. Easily create hundreds of cards by simply uploading an excel roster.