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1. Customize

Customize a premade template or start from scratch to make a custom ID card template for you or your organization.

2. Personalize

Add identification details, photos, and security functionalities to your ID template individually or in bulk to make multiple ID cards.

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IDCreator will turn your high quality design into a high quality ID Card that is professionally printed and shipped to you the same day!

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Plastic Membership Card Template Id Badge

Membership Cards: Provide more, for less.

Exposure & Branding

Associations, clubs of any type, sports recreational leagues, businesses and many more types of organizations use Membership cards simply to expose their brand to more people. Giving members cards they are proud to show off will improve the exposure of the organization and make them feel a part of the team.

Track Member Engagement

Adding scannable codes (QR Codes, Barcodes, Magnetic Stripes) that integrate with account information allows organizations to track the engagement of members. By tracking engagement, you can create incentives and campaigns to increase engagement and also offer rewards for highly engaged members.

Access Control and Security

This may not be necessary or a priority to all organizations, but Photo ID cards help provide a secure environment. Whether that’s from visual identification or requiring ID cards to be scanned to grant access to facilities.

Membership Card Contents and Design Tips

Whether it’s your first-time making membership cards or you’ve done it many times before, here are some best practices and tips our clients use to get the most out of their membership card program.

Pvc Membership Id Card Template

Standardized Template

The design template should be the same or very similar for all members. Key components that should be included in the design template are the organization name and logo, color scheme and branding imagery used in other marketing materials.


Cardholder Details

Each membership card should include the member’s name, photo, ID Number and any relevant information for your group.


Double Sided ID Cards

The back of the card is a great place to add contact information for the organization for the member or if someone finds their ID card to be returned. Sports leagues and teams have used the back to show position and stats of the player.


Card Display

Most ID Cards are horizontal like your Driver's License, but some organizations do use Vertical ID Cards for display purposes.


Add Technology

Using Magnetic Stripes, Barcodes or QR Codes to track member engagement and manage access is an important functionality for an ID Card.


Overall Design

When designing the template, it is important to prioritize the visibility of information. Think through what information should be most visibly displayed and play around with different fonts and colors to achieve this.

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