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Custom Printed ID Cards

Instructional Videos for our Badge Maker

How to Quickly Create an Employee Badge

A quick guide to create an employee badge.

How to add and edit pictures on your ID:

How to move a picture

Repositioning the picture to fit perfectly in the card.

How to change the size of a picture

Resizing the picture to fit into the dimensions of the card

How to Add a Picture From a Webcam

Uploading a picture directly from a webcam.

How to Make a Picture Appear on Top of Another

Getting a picture appear on top of another

Use our template feature to create multiple badges with ease:

Making use of a single template for several ID Cards

How to Add a Slot Punch to an ID Template

Adding a slot punch to an ID accordingly

How to Add an Overlay to your ID Card

Adding an overlay to your card

How to Add a Magnetic Stripe to an ID Template

Adding a magnetic stripe to your ID Template

How to Add a Barcode to an ID Template

Adding a barcode to your ID Template

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