Print@Home Complete 100 ID Kit

Print@Home Kit | 100 ID Set

Print@Home Kit | 100 ID Set


Print@Home Complete 100 ID Kit gives you the ability to use your inkjet or laser printer and create 100 IDs with ease and at a massive cost savings.

This complete kit contains the following quality components:

  • 13 sheets of 8.5" x 11" Full Sheet of 8-up Perforated Arcadia Paper or Teslin® Synthetic Paper OR 100 sheets of 4"x 6" 1-up Perforated Sheets
  • EasyIDea MiniLam 450 or 450T ID card pouch laminator
  • 100 butterfly pouches
  • 100 holograms or protective overlays

The MiniLam 450 ID card Laminator allows for the use of 7-10 mill butterfly pouches, and there is also an optional temperature control that can be used to make lamination of thinner pouches possible. This kit includes your choice of quality papers that work in inkjet and laser printers and provide sharp and vivid printing for your ID cards. The kit produces high quality 30 mill cards that are the standard size of a credit card so they will fit in any standard wallet or badge holder. The ID cards are perfect for using with a badge reel or a lanyard. If a slotted card is desired, you can purchase our handy card slot punch which makes it easy to create slots that allow for a lanyard or other holder to be attached.

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