1-Up Perforated Teslin Laser Synthetic Paper

Laser Printing | Teslin® Synthetic Paper | 1-up Card Insert | 10-mil

Laser Printing | Teslin® Synthetic Paper | 1-up Card Insert | 10-mil

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Teslin® Microperforated 1-up 4"x6" sheets for laser printers

Teslin® TS -1000 is a premium grade synthetic paper. Teslin® TS is the premium version of Teslin® SP, the world's mostly widely used synthetic ID card printing sheet. As the original innovator of the synthetic printing sheet, PPG Industries' Teslin® is the well-known leader in the synthetic paper industry. While Arcadia Paper achieves the highest printing quality, durability, versatility; Teslin® Paper is an economical alternative with a proven track record. Teslin® comes standard with all of our Complete ID Card Kits. After printing on Teslin® with a laser or a pigmented inkjet printer, one can laminate it using a seamless butterfly pouch to produce secure ID cards that are nearly identical to PVC cards found in your wallet. For common desktop dyebased inkjet printers we recommend Arcadia Paper or Inkjet Teslin®.

These sheets have been micro-perforated to work with our easy 1-up ID card punchout template. The insert tears out cleanly, eliminating the need for scissors, and reduces the time it takes to make ID cards. What once took minutes can now take seconds! ID inserts measure 2.125" x 3.375" and fit all of our butterfly pouches perfectly.

1-up sheets are great for issuing one ID card at a time, in order to avoid paper waste, while 8-up sheets are recommended when printing more than one ID at a time (8-up sheets are difficult to reuse if any punchouts are missing).

Key Features

  • Prints on Both Sides
  • Prints and fabricates like paper
  • Durable and waterproof, like plastic
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Tear-resistant
  • Works best with laser and pigmented inkjet based printers
  • For dye-based inkjet printing, Arcadia Paper or Inkjet Teslin® is recommended
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Color White
Manufacturer Teslin
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