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Arcadia Synthetic Paper | 1-Up Sheet | ID Printing

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1 Up Sheets

Arcadia is a synthetic paper that can be used for printing high quality ID badges at a fraction of the cost. There are several sizes of sheets available including the 1 up sheet. This sheet measures 4” by 6” and is the perfect choice for printing a single ID card. These sheets are great for personal use or for small businesses that do not need to print many ID badges at a time. They provide you with less waste than using a larger sheet that often cannot be reused once it has gone through the printer.

Arcadia paper is tear resistant and waterproof, which makes it the perfect choice for ID badge printing. The paper will not be damaged in any type of weather including the extreme hot or cold, rain, wind, or snow. These badges can be worn anywhere and will stand the test of time as the paper is extremely durable and strong.

You can use the 1 up sheets to create the perfect professional ID badge for your personal use or for your business. A template in Word format or Adobe Photoshop format can be used to design your badge. You may also find a quality template to use at Once the template has been designed you can print out your badges using either a laser or inkjet printer. This makes using a one up sheet quite affordable as there is no special printer needed in order to print these high quality ID badges.

Once the ID card is printer, place it inside a butterfly pouch and then laminate it using the ID card laminator. Once the card is laminated you have just created a professional looking ID badge at a much lower cost. For medium to larger companies that may print more badges at once, the 8 up sheet might be a better option.

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