Full Sheet Arcadia Synthetic Paper

Synthetic ID Printing Paper | Arcadia Full Sheets

Synthetic ID Printing Paper | Arcadia Full Sheets

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Arcadia Paper 8.5" by 11"

Arcadia paper is one of the most versatile papers available. Made out of a strong synthetic material, Arcadia paper will work with both a laser printer and with inkjet printers. The paper has been specially designed for creating identification badges, but is extremely useful for printing other items as well. Any item that needs to be printed on sturdy paper that will last for a long time should be printed on Arcadia paper for extended durability.

This synthetic paper is a higher quality than Teslin® paper and it costs less than Artisyn® paper. It can be used with laser printers as well as Inkjet printers. Arcadia paper is completely weather proof. It can be worn and used in any type of weather condition, from hot to cold, and from wet to extremely dry.

There are 8.5" by 11" full sheets of Arcadia paper available. These full sheets can be used for many different types of projects such as menus, brochures, flyers, or ID cards. The full sheet will provide you with enough room to print all of the information that you need for your documents. This sized paper can be used for printing ID badges, but most often it is recommended that you use perforated sheets for ID badges as it makes it easier to punch them out.

The 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheets of Arcadia paper are a good choice for flyers and brochures because the documents will be tear resistant and water proof, allowing them to withstand the elements when they are placed outside in varying conditions. Menus can also be printed on this size paper as it will be able to withstand being handled over and over again by different customers.

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