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IDCreator's ID Card Kits come with everything you need to make ID Badge affordably, quickly and easily using any standard InkJet or Laser Printer!

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Design your ID Card online using IDCreator's Badge Maker

  • Print using an InkJet or Laser printer on water-proof synthetic paper

  • Punch out the cards from the perforated paper and laminate using the ID Card Laminator

  • Add an ID Card Holographic Overlay for additional Security (Optional)

That's how easy it is to quickly make durable ID Cards that look and feel just like standard PVC cards!

Set Descending Direction

68 items

per page
  1. Full Spectrum Hologram | Flying Lines
  2. ID Holographic Overlay | Corporate ID Design | UV Eagle Option
  3. Corporate ID Design Holographic Overlay Image
  4. Hologram of Official Seal | Backlight UV Eagle
  5. Official Seal Hologram | Seal of Authenticity
  6. ID Holographic Overlay Design: Authentic Eagle | w/ UV Eagle Imaging
  7. Authentic Eagle Design Hologram with Adhesive Backing
  8. 9 Eagles Design ID Hologram Overlay with UV Imaging (Eagle)
  9. Multi-Spectrum Nine Eagle Hologram
  10. Pack of Random Overlays | A Variety of 10
  11. 25 Random Overlays | Variety Pack
  12. Teslin® Waterproof Paper | For Inkjet Printers | ID Card Printing
Set Descending Direction

68 items

per page