Automate Making ID Cards with Zapier

Making ID Cards has never been easier with IDCreator. By integrating with Zapier, it's automated. Securely connect IDCreator and the software you rely on with Zapier to automatically generate ID cards for your organization.

IDCreator Zapier Integration
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5,000+ Software Apps Connect with IDCreator.

Connect these popular apps you work in everyday to IDCreator with Zapier. Make your tools work for you!

When it's time for you to make ID cards, your time is not required.

By automating the data entry work of making ID cards, all that's left for you to do is select the members you need cards for and order them!

Get Started with Zapier

1. Member Joins Organization

As you normally do, enter their information into your people management software.

2. ID Contents Auto-Upload to IDCreator

A “Zap” will automatically add the necessary ID contents for that employee into the Badge Maker.

3. Order Auto-Generated ID Card

Their ID Card is automatically generated by the Badge Maker, all you need to do is order it!

Automate Your Workflow

Your ID Workflow

If you use software to manage employees, students, or member information, you can automate the data entry to make ID cards for your organization.

5,000+ Connected Software Apps with Zapier

Zapier is integrated with over 5,000+ software and apps, so the software you use is now able to be automated without you having to code anything. Find your software in the full list of Zapier connected Apps HERE.

Dynamic ID Template

To fully automate your workflow, make sure your ID template has smart text and image fields in the design. This will allow the Badge Maker to make the ID cards for you by pulling in Member contents for each ID card.

smart field id card template
ID Card workflow with Zapier

Zap: A Simple Command and Powerful Tool

About Zapier

Zapier is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps-no code necessary. As the global leader in automation, Zapier is integrated with over 5,000+ apps so you can connect the tools you rely on everyday and automate your work.

Zap - No code necessary!

A Zap is a workflow that tells your apps a simple command: “When this happens (Trigger), Do that (Action).” Every Zap has a Trigger and one or more Actions. A Trigger is an event that starts a Zap, and an Action is what your Zap does for you.

Zap Example

Currently, you use a Google Sheets spreadsheet to add team ID card details to and then copy and paste those into IDCreator to make the ID cards. Instead, create a Zap with the trigger being a new row added in your Google Sheets spreadsheet, and the action is to add that row as a member in IDCreator. Automation!

Start Automating with Zapier

Zapier has a Free Forever Plan, as well as tiered paid plans that scale with usage. Choose a plan that works best for you and your organization.

Create Zapier Account

Create Zapier Account

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Create a Zap

You'll be guided through the process and you won't believe how simple it is!

Support Center

Check out our Support Center for more in depth instructions and best practices when automating your ID Program with Zapier.

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